Video & Graphics

We will produce a consistent and aesthetic look for your entire TV channel. Give a modern and thematic look to your entire TV station: consistent branding, original video effects, backgrounds that will suit the “spirit” of your channel, stings, jingles, and many more.

Imagine a video that promotes permanently your company or event, this can be played on your waiting room, on TV, or distributed together with any corporate gifts to everybody.

Printing & Branding

We supply a wide range of branded products, ideal for your seminars, advertising campaigns and any events or ceremonies.

Our Branding department offers packages suitable from your basics needs to the more complete requirements of your brand.

Production Facility & Langauge Services

We offer full solutions for video, as well as standalone services. Including Television promo for stations and programs and other specific video package.

Karibu Media language service is run by Jenny's Tuska CC, registered in the Republic of South Africa High Court as a Sworn Translator Service Provider.

3D Production

Karibu Media, we will not only design your logo to rest on a printed document, we will also give it a breath of life, so that it can become alive when apply (use) on TV or internet.

We offer full solutions of 2D/3D Logo Animation Production, ranging from the lowest budget type, to the high end logo animation suitable for broadcast programs or films.