A full broadcasting content development from concept to final product.

We offer full solutions for video, as well as standalone services. Including Television promo for stations and programs and other specific video package.

All video effects seen on tv are available in our studio! And we always stay up to date with hardware innovations and high end software.

Karibu Media offer small and medium production facility depending on your need.

We have state of the art equipment allowing you to work in “Real-time” without wasting time on rendering.

    We offer:
  • On line editing equipment with operator.
  • Off line editing suites with operator.

Langauge Services

Karibu Media language service is run by Jenny's Tuska CC, registered in the Republic of South Africa High Court as a Sworn Translator Service Provider.

Since 2007, we have been offering services in the areas of Interpreting, Sworn Translations and the suppy of Interpreting Equipment.
We offer translations for French, English, Portuguese and Swahili languages.

    The Language service summary:
  • Help English speaking businesses to expand internationally and across the African continent through multilingualism tools such as translation (English into French and French into English, including Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili), Conference Interpreting solutions for businesses (French, English, including Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili).
  • We ensure that businesses, agencies and NGO’s (Non Government Organizations) are fully empowered to penetrate Africa where French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili are the most spoken languages, including Indian Ocean Islands.